Database Subscription

Database Subscription

Accurate contact data is the lifeblood of successful sales, marketing, and recruiting efforts. But many companies populate their CRM database with inaccurate, incomplete information from major corporate data providers.

Many data providers supply only the C-level and VP-level titles that are widely available on corporate websites. Through our partnership with Merit Direct we can provide access to the OmniChannelBASE surfacing the hard to find Director and Manager level titles. These contacts often control budgets and play a key role in the purchasing process—allowing your sales reps to have productive conversations earlier in the sales cycle. Organizations in every industry need a reliable, affordable, easy-to-use solution that provides accurate contact data 24/7.

OmniChannelBASE is an innovative new multi-channel database from the leader in database marketing—MeritDirect. It brings together robust and responsive market-leading data from prestigious publishers, catalogers, online merchants and other leading direct marketers in one marketer-friendly database. The database offers marketers an enormous reach covering all areas of business—while maintaining rich data selects that allow you to target your audience.With The Baxley Group and MeritDirect you can:

  • Empower your teams to find and directly contact specific titles at virtually any company.
  • Provide your employees with complete information for every contact.
  • Allow your employees to share contact data across your team.
  • Integrate contact data with any major CRM system.
Database Services

Database Services

The Baxley Group appreciates the value of information, especially in the form of customer and prospect databases. Nothing will burn a hole in your bottom line quicker than conducting marketing campaigns with bad, out-of-date contact data. Each year, your sales and marketing database will become 30% outdated. With your sales and telebusiness reps making thousands of calls each year, this could mean that up to 20 calling weeks are wasted attempting contacts that no longer exist. The Baxley Group will successfully update and enhance your existing prospect or customer lists by obtaining correct contact information, updated addresses, name spellings, titles and email addresses. As a result, your database is updated with names of the current decision makers and old information is cleared out. The Baxley Group can build upon, modify and augment your existing database, including:

  • Cleaning existing data
  • Custom appending value-added data
  • Removing/updating bad lead data
  • Merging/purging multiple databases
  • Mapping subsidiaries, business divisions and multiple locations to the proper Parent Accounts
  • consulting services and integration.
Primary Research

Primary Research

List Building: The Baxley Group can provide names of those key titles that fall under the radar screen of your competition: The “Director of Customer Self Service” who is the key influencer behind a $1-million CRM initiative and the “Director of Internet Strategy” who has the CFO’s ear on the final purchase decision for an e-commerce platform. These are the “entrenched” contacts that are highly valuable but rarely identified for you. Our lists are always based off of primary research and are yours to keep, for use in multiple marketing campaigns over several years. Armed with accurate and up to date contact information you’ll have a variety of media through which you can reach your audience. We never source contacts based on title only, we always navigate an organization based on your requirements and the prospects role, responsibility and function.

Account Profiling: Through our unique combination of technology, enterprise software sales experience and our business analyst team in India we are able to effectively aggregate, organize and rank information relative to your solution and prospects.

Actionable information is paramount for all lead generation programs and efforts, the foundation from which all prospects grow. Outbound calling isn’t traditionally effective because sales reps (inside and field) don’t have the right information at their fingertips to be successful. Empowering reps with the right information will not only generate more successful calls, but also helps increase the volume of calls and time spent “pitching” to appropriate and important prospects. Too much time is wasted trying to figure out who to call and what to say-simply calling the main switchboard isn’t effective. Prospects aren’t concerned specifically about what your technology does or how it works, they’re really interested in how it will add value to their organization.

Our clients provide us with a list of top accounts requiring detailed strategic account profiling. The resulting profiling data includes detailed account intelligence such as contact information, reporting structure, decision making process, business applications, business drivers, case studies, names of administrators, and the best times to reach key contacts.

Campaign Support

Campaign Support

We use our integrated full service marketing programs to augment our telemarketing and telesales campaigns. We design implement, and manage field marketing campaigns, whether they be webinars, direct mail or email -all relevant customer touch points. From creative design and messaging to the execution and follow up and or recruitment The Baxley Group ensures the maximization of your responses.



Leveraging our own proven methodology and processes of account profiling enables our team of seasoned inside sales professionals to deliver the highest possible results to our clients. Armed with our own set of detailed account profiles our inside sales professionals typically see success rates 30% higher than industry average.

Our lead generation/qualification and targeted tele-prospecting campaigns are designed to generate qualified sales opportunities for your own sales team, gather valuable marketing data and drive potential qualified buyers to your business. Our results-oriented telesales campaigns will do the dirty work for you, so your valuable time, talent, and attention can be spent talking only to qualified prospects and closing sales. Support Support

Have you ever wanted a remote [SFDC] System Administrator? Someone who is familiar with your implementation and business processes? Someone you can call and have a discussion with? A real person, with a direct phone number and email address?

The Baxley Group employs a team of SFDC experts and collectively this group possesses all the skills required to solve any challenge your organization may require. The Baxley Groups advisors will help on any issue, business or technical and your users can contact The Baxley Group directly for high quality support every time.

The Baxley Group offers plans to fit any size organization and any budget. Every plan offers the same, high quality level of support you have come to expect from Riptide. To pick a plan, simply determine how many hours of consulting you will need each month. The cost per hour decreases as you commit to more hours each month.

The hours can be used for any of the following services: Administration, Configuration, Customization, Report & Dashboard Development, Data Management, Campaign Management, Training, Support for AppExchange Products, Support for Custom Integrations, Business Analysis, Documentation.