Database Services

The Baxley Group appreciates the value of information, especially in the form of customer and prospect databases. Nothing will burn a hole in your bottom line quicker than conducting marketing campaigns with bad, out-of-date contact data. Each year, your sales and marketing database will become 30% outdated. With your sales and telebusiness reps making thousands of calls each year, this could mean that up to 20 calling weeks are wasted attempting contacts that no longer exist. The Baxley Group will successfully update and enhance your existing prospect or customer lists by obtaining correct contact information, updated addresses, name spellings, titles and email addresses. As a result, your database is updated with names of the current decision makers and old information is cleared out. The Baxley Group can build upon, modify and augment your existing database, including:

  • Cleaning existing data
  • Custom appending value-added data
  • Removing/updating bad lead data
  • Merging/purging multiple databases
  • Mapping subsidiaries, business divisions and multiple locations to the proper Parent Accounts
  • consulting services and integration.