Database Subscription

Accurate contact data is the lifeblood of successful sales, marketing, and recruiting efforts. But many companies populate their CRM database with inaccurate, incomplete information from major corporate data providers.

Many data providers supply only the C-level and VP-level titles that are widely available on corporate websites. Through our partnership with Merit Direct we can provide access to the OmniChannelBASE surfacing the hard to find Director and Manager level titles. These contacts often control budgets and play a key role in the purchasing process—allowing your sales reps to have productive conversations earlier in the sales cycle. Organizations in every industry need a reliable, affordable, easy-to-use solution that provides accurate contact data 24/7.

OmniChannelBASE is an innovative new multi-channel database from the leader in database marketing—MeritDirect. It brings together robust and responsive market-leading data from prestigious publishers, catalogers, online merchants and other leading direct marketers in one marketer-friendly database. The database offers marketers an enormous reach covering all areas of business—while maintaining rich data selects that allow you to target your audience.With The Baxley Group and MeritDirect you can:

  • Empower your teams to find and directly contact specific titles at virtually any company.
  • Provide your employees with complete information for every contact.
  • Allow your employees to share contact data across your team.
  • Integrate contact data with any major CRM system.