Primary Research

List Building: The Baxley Group can provide names of those key titles that fall under the radar screen of your competition: The “Director of Customer Self Service” who is the key influencer behind a $1-million CRM initiative and the “Director of Internet Strategy” who has the CFO’s ear on the final purchase decision for an e-commerce platform. These are the “entrenched” contacts that are highly valuable but rarely identified for you. Our lists are always based off of primary research and are yours to keep, for use in multiple marketing campaigns over several years. Armed with accurate and up to date contact information you’ll have a variety of media through which you can reach your audience. We never source contacts based on title only, we always navigate an organization based on your requirements and the prospects role, responsibility and function.

Account Profiling: Through our unique combination of technology, enterprise software sales experience and our business analyst team in India we are able to effectively aggregate, organize and rank information relative to your solution and prospects.

Actionable information is paramount for all lead generation programs and efforts, the foundation from which all prospects grow. Outbound calling isn’t traditionally effective because sales reps (inside and field) don’t have the right information at their fingertips to be successful. Empowering reps with the right information will not only generate more successful calls, but also helps increase the volume of calls and time spent “pitching” to appropriate and important prospects. Too much time is wasted trying to figure out who to call and what to say-simply calling the main switchboard isn’t effective. Prospects aren’t concerned specifically about what your technology does or how it works, they’re really interested in how it will add value to their organization.

Our clients provide us with a list of top accounts requiring detailed strategic account profiling. The resulting profiling data includes detailed account intelligence such as contact information, reporting structure, decision making process, business applications, business drivers, case studies, names of administrators, and the best times to reach key contacts.